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Chemical laboratory, laboratory analyses, physical laboratory

Accredited physical and chemical center of EcoStandard Group was established in 2007.

The center is equipped with the modern equipment; it ensures functioning of examination and consulting departments of the Company; it includes a physical laboratory and a chemical laboratory, and also provides services to specialized organizations. Wide working experience of our technicians and laboratory assistants allows us declaring on high quality researches in our Company.

Our chemical and physical laboratory carries out the following researches and laboratory analyses:

Measurement of microclimate parameters:

Measurement of parameters of light environment:

Natural illumination:

Artificial illumination:

Measurement of noise level:

Measurement of vibration:

General and local vibration:

Measurement of an infrasound

Measurement of electromagnetic radiation:

Electromagnetic radiations of a radio-frequency range:

Electromagnetic field of industrial frequency (50 Hz):

Electromagnetic radiations of display medium:

Laboratory analyses of measurement of radiation:

Chemical analysis of air:

Measurement of air-ionic structure of air

Assessment of heaviness and intensity of work

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